Luxury is Relative – short story

She smoothed the fabric with her fingers.  It was soft, almost like satin, but with noticeable threads.  Glancing around her house, she looked for something to match its luxury, but could find nothing even close.  She pressed the piece against her cheek, nuzzling it like a cat craving attention. Continue reading


Window Seat – short story

Depth – the Daily Prompt

After a few days away in San Francisco (Half Moon Bay Ritz-Carlton for work, to be exact), I’m back and ready to do some blogging!

Allie opened her travel journal to check a few things.  She’d been carefully curating destination brochures, receipts and other memorabilia.  After 10 years at her job, this was going to be the trip of a lifetime. Continue reading


Magic in the house – short story

Unpredictable – the Daily Prompt

He ran through the grass, arms out like an airplane. “Look Mommy, look at me!”  He zoomed around, giggling and screaming at the top of his lungs.

His mom sat on the deck with a mojito in hand, basking in the first nice weather they’d had this year.  She chuckled as she watched the sheer joy in her little boy.  “Come on Daniel, it’s time for dinner.”

The little boy stopped in his tracks and frowned, dragging his feet up the stairs and onto the deck for dinner.

In the morning, Daniel was his usual happy-go-lucky self.  It was July, which meant he got to swim in his grandma’s pool, and play baseball with his friends.  He danced around the living room like he did every day, waving his magic wand.  “Wingardium Leviosa,” he said, pointing at the cat.  Nothing happened.

“Daniel, stop it.  Right now.”

His mother roared, glaring at him.

The little boy paused, looking confused at his mother.  “But mom… I didn’t do anything.”

“I don’t want to hear it, go to your room.”

The little boy hung his head and bit his tongue.  He marched up to his room, sniffling as he tried not to cry.  He looked down at the wand in his hand, and threw it on the floor before slamming his door.

Daniel’s dad stepped out of his office and into the kitchen.  “How do you expect him to know what he needs to do if you are that unpredictable?  You have to be consistent with the rules, or he doesn’t know what they are.”


It will all be over soon – short story

Nightmare – the Daily Prompt

 “Don’t worry, it will all be over soon.”

Continue reading


Rational Fear, Irrational Action – short story

Storm – the Daily Prompt

The loud clap was unsettling.  Laying in her bed, she trembled with anxiety and fear, hoping it would be over soon.  She didn’t understand the sound, or the bright flashes that came with it.  They were like camera flashes, when her mommy would try to take pictures of her sleeping but inevitably wake her up. Continue reading


Her difficult journey – short story

Journey – the Daily Prompt

The sky was grey and the wind felt like it was blowing ice chunks in her face. She had been dreading this appointment for a few days, but hadn’t realized just how much until they pulled into the parking lot. Continue reading


Unwelcome – short story

Guest – the Daily Prompt

“When was the last time you cleaned the baseboards?” Continue reading


Emily’s Poem – short story

Emily loved the idea of poetry, but could never quite master the art. She had so many ideas, but wasn’t sure if they were any good, so she’d never put herself out there. Afraid of rejection, of criticism, of never amounting to anything. Afraid because she had never been called smart, beautiful, special. Continue reading


Shine – short story

Glass – They Daily Prompt

Was there doubt in his mind?  A little.  Would Taylor say yes?  Would they live happily ever after?  Would this turn out to be a huge mistake?  Brad didn’t know the answers to those questions, but he was certainly willing to take the chance. Continue reading