Chapter 1

“I wish I had appreciated naps more when I was younger,” she said, glancing across the room.  Lacie was curled up on her favorite blanket, snoring away.  Cassidy sighed loudly as she threw her duvet off the bed.  It landed in a lump on her bedroom floor, beside all the other things she hadn’t bothered to pick up.  “I need to find someone to talk to, I feel like you only listen when it suits you.” She had adopted Lacie as a kitten, and had trusted her with every secret since.

Looking at the clock, Cassidy realized she had overslept.  She intended to take a short nap, which didn’t work out how she planned.  She was always tired; there were never enough hours in the night for sleep.  When she did sleep, it was restless and filled with nightmares.  She woke up in a cold sweat regularly.  She had tried sleeping pills, meditation, long walks…  Nothing helped her escape her own thoughts.

After pulling on her fanciest sweat pants and favorite t-shirt, Cassidy glanced around her room.  “What a mess, just like my life.” she said to herself.

Down the hall, she dug through the drawers of her desk, looking for her files.  Scanning the office, she was annoyed that she had misplaced the documents again.  She slammed the drawers closed and stomped out of the room.  Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed something bright blue on top of the fridge.  Her folder, somewhere safe, of course.  Cassidy grabbed her car keys, stuffed the blue folder into her bag, and ran out the door.

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