Anything, with enough coffee

The coffee pot beeped loudly, and the liquid energy was ready for consumption.

She filled her mug right to the top.  “I can do ANYTHING with enough coffee,” it read.

The sun was shining and the hammock was calling her name.

There was a breeze, swirling with the scent of cherry blossoms.

Curling up on the deck, she sipped her coffee.  Free of stress for the first time in weeks.


So what if her iPhone was silently vibrating at the bottom of her purse in the bedroom.

So what if people needed to ask her questions; they’d live.

Nothing in her world was so urgent it had to be dealt with this minute.


Nothing in her world was more important than this time.

This moment of peace and quiet.

Of relaxation.

In this moment, nothing was more important than her.

She sipped her coffee and breathed deeply, without a care in the world.

“Fuck!” She jumped out of the hammock.  Coffee soaked through her white shirt, hot against her skin.

That moment was over.





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