Rational Fear, Irrational Action – short story

Storm – the Daily Prompt

The loud clap was unsettling.  Laying in her bed, she trembled with anxiety and fear, hoping it would be over soon.  She didn’t understand the sound, or the bright flashes that came with it.  They were like camera flashes, when her mommy would try to take pictures of her sleeping but inevitably wake her up.

It had been a few hours since the storm began.  Her mom had come to get her out of bed; probably because she knew Kaia would be scared.  She leaned into her mom’s legs, looking up into her eyes with concern but not making a sound.  Was her mom as scared as she was?  Probably not, moms are never scared.  At least that’s what she thought.

Kaia picked her favorite stuffed animal out of the toy box, and curled up with her mom on the couch.  She flinched every time the thunder rolled through the air, cuddling just a little bit tighter each time.

A little while passed before Kaia’s mom got up off the couch.  “You need to go potty,” she said kindly, knowing it had already been a rough night.  Kaia sulked, but slid down off the couch and followed her mom.  They went down the stairs into the basement.  Her mom opened up the back door, and pointed to the gravel dog run.  “Go potty.”

Kaia looked up at her with those big brown sad puppy eyes, pleading to be allowed to stay inside.  Her hind legs were quivering, half because of anxiety, and half because she was a spoiled drama queen.  “Potty,” she repeated.

Kaia huffed, but headed outside.  Instead of the dog run, she detoured to the grass and peed just off the patio.  She was, after all, a 70lbs husky with an irrational fear of standing on wet rocks.








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