Shine – short story

Glass – They Daily Prompt

Was there doubt in his mind?  A little.  Would Taylor say yes?  Would they live happily ever after?  Would this turn out to be a huge mistake?  Brad didn’t know the answers to those questions, but he was certainly willing to take the chance.

Taylor was sitting in the passenger seat, slightly annoyed.  Brad was acting like a bit of an ass.  She didn’t know what she had done, but he was being really short with her.  Instead of provoking him, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and pouted like a child.  But that didn’t last long; her anger was building and she needed to ask him what was wrong.

“What the hell is your problem?” she blurted.  “You’re so distant.  Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” he said simply.  “I’m just tired.”

That made her even more angry.  Clearly that was not the truth.  She could feel her frustrations mounting before she caught herself and defused her anxiety.  It wasn’t worth it.  Whatever was wrong with him, he obviously didn’t want to talk about.

So they carried on their way without conversation.

Brad’s palms were sweaty.  “Act cool,” he mumbled under his breath.  He had this under control.  He was sure Taylor hadn’t noticed a thing.  They pulled up to his parents’ house, and Brad threw the car into park.  “Let’s go,” he said without hesitating.  He jumped out of the car and walked up the driveway and around the corner of the house.

Taylor followed him, and as she came around the corner she stopped suddenly.  Down on one knee, a diamond ring held in front of him, Brad looked up at her.  She gasped, and did a little hop of excitement.  “Really?” she said.

“As long as you’re sure you can put up with me for the rest of your life.”

She knelt down in front of him, staring at the ring.  It was clear as glass.  She sun reflected off the diamond and bounced millions of little rainbows into the sky.  Her whole future flashed before her eyes and she smiled.  “Yes!  Of course yes!”


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