Alone – short story

Darkness – The Daily Post

Staring out into the distance, Kelsey could see the sun beginning to break through the clouds.  She hadn’t been feeling well lately; not at all like herself.  She turned up the music, accelerating through an already yellow light.  She couldn’t stand the idea of being stuck at another intersection when all she wanted was to get home.

She glanced down at her iPhone, which was sitting on the passenger’s seat.  “Not another happy song,” she moaned.  “Siri, play Goo Goo Dolls.”

Chills ran up and down her spine, and emotion took over her mind.  “Just get home,” she reminded herself.  It was too late now though, the tears were flowing.  What was it about this song that got to her?

Her phone rang and she was startled out of her trance.  The music paused as she answered her husband’s call.  He would be home late from work.  She was only minutes away from the house they shared; it would be empty when she arrived.

The song wound down as Kelsey pulled into the garage.  She looked into the back seat at the groceries as she closed the garage door.  She sighed.  Going into the house just meant more work.  She ripped a piece off the paper bag holding the fruit, and scribbled something down.

Kelsey started the car.  “Siri, repeat Acoustic #3.”

Her husband pulled up to the house later than he had planned.  He pressed the remote for the garage, and the door opened.  He noticed the light inside Kelsey’s car was on, and her door was slightly open.  Assuming her hands were full unloading the groceries, he didn’t think twice about the door.  It wasn’t until he turned off his engine that he heard hers was running.

John jumped out of his truck and pulled her driver side door open.  The car was empty, but her music was still playing.

He recognized the lyrics from the Goo Goo Dolls song that Kelsey listened to anytime she needed a good cry.  But where was she?  He turned off the ignition and left the garage door open to clear out the carbon monoxide.  The light in the garage had been burned out for months, and Kelsey had asked him to replace the bulb so many times.  He took the first 2 steps to the garage door with one leap, but as he went to step up to the third stair, he saw something horrifying.

Kelsey’s lifeless body was laying on the stairs, holding something.  Mere steps away from the back door, house keys in hand.  John flipped her body over, looking for any signs of life, but she was gone.  The darkness had won.  All he found was a note, scribbled on a piece of brown paper bag.

And she wonders where these dreams go
‘Cause the world got in her way
What’s the point in ever trying
Nothing’s changing anyway


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