American Born – short story

Forbidden – The Daily Post

She had always been forbidden by Jason’s parents, and today was no different.  He sat on the couch.  She was sitting across the street, beside his parents’ prized mustang, waiting for a sign from him.  Waiting to know he had finally told them.

He called them into the room, staying quiet while they filled their glasses with sweet tea.  Jason sat with his back to the window, so his parents could see outside.  It might help them understand.

“I need to tell you something,” he started.  His father glared at him, wondering what he could possibly be up to.

“I know you’ve always wanted me to find a nice American.  I met a few ladies, but it just never clicked.”

His mother gasped, and she knocked her tea over.  It spilled onto the freshly vacuumed carpet.  She stood up and went to the kitchen for a towel.

His father took the opportunity to scold him.  “You know how important this is to your mother.  She wants you to be happy, but this was one wish she really needed you to follow.”  Jason hung his head.  He wasn’t trying to disappoint his mother.  He glanced out the window, looking towards her.

“I can’t believe you fell for an import!” his mother cried, returning with a small tea towel to clean up her spill.  “What color is she?”

“Actually mom, she’s across the street waiting to meet you. She’s black.”

His mother walked towards the window, looking into the road.  “What IS THAT?” she shrieked.

“A 2016 Audi A4, mom.  I just didn’t like the mustang.” -





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