The story of a 5 layer minion cake – short story

Layers – The Daily Post

Jackson asked for nothing more than a minion cake for his 8th birthday.  No gifts, no cards, no party.  Just a monumental cake.

When Jackson was born, his mother decided to make his birthdays special by creating edible masterpieces.  Of course she wasn’t a professional, but that didn’t stop her from flexing her creative muscles and pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone.  Usually this was a successful venture.

Like other years, his mother carefully assembled alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, separated by fresh cherry buttercream.  She had never built a 3D cake before, and it was turning out to be more difficult that she had planned.

She rolled out the bright yellow fondant to the precise thickness required to be flexible, but not show imperfections.  As she draped it over the rolling pin and lifted it over the cake, she observed something moving.

The cake was so slowly tilting to the left.  Minutes passed, but she just watched helplessly as the layers shifted before finally toppling.  Layers of chocolate and vanilla were everywhere.  She sighed and grabbed her keys, heading to the store to get supplies to start over.

But not before grabbing a handful of her creation and stuffing it into her mouth.  “At least it tastes delicious,” she chuckled to herself.



4 thoughts on “The story of a 5 layer minion cake – short story

    • I can’t take credit for that particular cake. And the actual cake was for my 32 year old husband… But the toppling almost made me cry! I was able to get it up with the help of some supports. It was done in time for his birthday. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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